Here are some of my favourite and most recommended products, books and brands. I LOVE finding simple ways to connect to my bliss and I wanted to share my list with you!Please note these are affiliate links of items that I LOVE and I am always looking for new tools for my bliss tool box!If you have further recommendations or would like to see your products/services shared here send me an email at

Red Light Therapy Light Christine Bizier

Red Light Therapy Light

Quickly rejuvenate on a cellular level with this science backed red-light infusion therapy

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This is a tool I frequently use in my client sessions, bring the benefits home by investing in your own.

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Access Consciousness tools changed my life! Check out some of my favourite books, Being you,Right Body for You, Beings of Light, etc.

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Words have POWER! Worthy wands are tools to help us remember daily that we are worthy and that enough is enough! The time is now to rise up and step into our power.