Welcome to a place of Sanctuary, Serenity and Sisterhood

Alignment Academy is a part of Christine Bizier’s ongoing Conscious Cosmic Connection series that focus on teaching each of us how to live a more authentic, aligned life that ACTIVATES OUR PURPOSE and helps us manifest our deepest desires. Each month we explore, restore and ignite a new chakra in our journeys that brings us closer into alignment with ourselves and the Universe.

What if “showing up for yourself” one hour a week could change your entire life? 

“This program and the friendships I have developed in it have been life changing. Thank-you”

–[Currrent Member]

These signature 8-month programs are for those who are seeking more out of life and their connection with “the Divine”. Regardless of the difference in our independent belief systems and life, we all have a need for connection. A place where we can count on others to hold space for us as we learn, grow and transition through different times in our lives. This is that place.

Welcome to an 8-month program designed to bring you closer to yourself and form sacred, life-long bonds with other like-minded souls.

Originally formed as 2-month memberships to help introduce others to the world of energy, chakras and self-healing modalities this membership has grown into a sacred and inclusive sisterhood that brings together women of all ages and walks of life. Each of us has one thing in common: we are here to grow and support each-other in a judgement-free zone designed to help nurture and nourish our souls.

RECEIVE: Deep Transformation

8 Months can feel like a longtime, and it is. It’s a long time that produces AMAZING RESULTS. Many of the women in this program have seen their entire lives transform over the duration of a few months because of their willingness to keep showing up for themselves and for each other. ABOUT THE PROGRAM: We meet every month live for 3 weeks for 1 hour (live, via Zoom). Attendance and participation is required, as we hold space and support each other and higher selves. In this space we do a quick “check-in” to find out how you are, how your week has been and what, if anything, has shifted for you. Then we engage in learning and practice based activities designed to introduce new tools, methods and perspectives to your everyday living. The underlying theme throughout the entire program is ALIGNMENT & MANIFESTATION journeying through the 9 energetic chakra centres because it is when we find ourselves in alignment that we are the most powerful manifestors, for ourself and others.



Divine Connection

Connection through rituals and spiritual practice.

Improved Self-Care

Taking time for your mind, body & soul!.

Serenity & Sanctuary

Connection with like minded & kindred spirits.

Alignment Tools & Techniques

Crystals, essential oils and meditation are all simple ways to reconnect & align to manifest your dreams.

Increased Intuition & Confidence

By taking the time to connect & align weekly, you will find opportunities to strengthen your ability to tap into your intuition and find a sense of trust as you learn to communicate with your divine.

Access your Bliss Blueprint

During your journey’s in the course meditations and alignment activations; you will find your individual bliss blueprint and road map to your bliss.You will have the opportunity to become more clear about your heart’s desires & you will access the tools to build a life you LOVE!.

Choose your level of monthly support:

All of our membership levels give you access to our weekly meetings and meditations to help you unwind, rebalance, de-stress and feel supported in a sisterhood setting. Simply choose your level of desired support and added bonuses…


“The Drop In”

Learn new tools to help overcome feelings of stress and anxiety. Look forward to feeling connected, supported and “ALIGNED” as you unlock new abilities to manifest. 



“Aligned & Activated”

TUNE IN & CHARGE UP! This membership includes a monthly chakra scan, report and tune-up to help you understand more about where you are on your journey.



“Fully Supported”

Chakra scans, report, tune-up and TWO sessions of either hands-on healing or Alignment Coaching to help you THRIVE.





Indulge yourself in a level of support that has been CHANGING LIVES and providing soul-level healing by giving our members:

  • Access to all monthly meetings + weekly meditations
  • (1) Monthly “Chakra Report” (personalized scan + summary)
  • (1) “Chakra Tune-Up”  (personalized video sent to your email)
  • (2) One-hour Coaching/Healings sessions/month ($310 value)

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE: $471/month. Yours for $333/month as a member of Alignment Academy & Sisterhood


INCLUDES: Monthly meetings, personalized Chakra scans, reports and energetic tune-ups. Comes with the ADDED BONUS of TWO SESSIONS of your choice every month.


This package automatically renews at $333/month for up to 8 months. You may opt out or downgrade to another package level at any time.

Enrolment for these memberships programs are now OPEN. Please review the program and membership outlines to determine which group you would be the best fit for. Closed-group memberships are due by May 10th as our next 8-month session starts on [Monday May 10th at 7pm EST for Group Beginners to Intermediate. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.