In 2003 I started to study essential oils and since then I have been inspired to make all natural custom lotions & potions! I combine the healing powers of mother nature & infuse love–tuning into my client’s need for vibrancy, vitality and good juju! Clients rave about their signature scent and feel connected to each blend I create.

I create custom blends and orders by demand. I do not stock a lot of items to ensure products are fresh and pure for each client’s unique needs.  However, at events I may have a few blends created to align with the energy; especially during full moon mystic gatherings where I infuse the plants oils an energy attunement.

Please inquire for more details to purchase your own blissful blends–I offer vibrational plant therapy pure bliss perfume, pure bliss sacred sprays for purifying your space and energy as well as sacred lunar love bath salts for ritual and scrubs, 100% plant based and natural.

I also offer DIY workshops, gifts for events (retreats, wedding and baby showers) and raw supplies of pure essential oils.

Contact me to order your own blend or essential oils!