Certified Hot Stone Massage:

Are you a dreamer, seeker or energy healer? Are you looking to add a new modality to your list of services?

What you will learn in our full body Hot Stone Therapy certification course:

  • History of hot stone therapy
  • Naturally formed stones versus mechanically tumbled stones
  • Properties of basalt stone and other types of stones
  • Effects of heat and cold on the body
  • Benefits of hot and cold stone therapy
  • Contraindications of hot stone therapy
  • How to heat and care for your stones
  • How to cleanse and re-energize your stones
  • Hot stone massage techniques
  • Massage oils and lotions
  • How to perform a hot stone massage full body routine
  • How to incorporate aromatherapy into hot stone therapy
  • Integrating chakra work into hot stone therapy
  • Setting up your therapy room and getting started as a hot stone therapy