Moon Bath (ritual)

A wonderful way to celebrate our bodies cycles and the synchronicities we share with nature.

About this ritual:

A Moon Bath is a way to honour the cycles we exist as part of in the Universe. Just as the moon ‘waxes and wanes’ (grows and retreats) so do our natural energetic bodies. Every month we are blessed with a 28-day cycle to remind us to “build up” and “edit back”. Like the tides of the ocean, our human forms are naturally sensitive to the moon’s effect on our bodies and many people report increased hyperactivity, restlessness and bursts of inspiration around the full moon. As women we’re even more sensitive to these cycles, seen in the way our fertility cycles naturally synchronize to a 28-day cycle too.

Moon Baths are a way to honour the process of building up and letting go in our physical, energetic and emotional form. Each of us responds differently to the moon, so take time to listen to what your body needs as the New Moon and Full Moon cycle through our months. Are you tired? Take a nap! Are you wired? Allow yourself to stay up later than usual and find something creative to indulge your extra energy in… powerful things happen when we start listening to nature and our inner most truths.

Frequency:  There is a natural invitation on the days leading up to and following both the New Moon and Full Moons each month.

  • The Full Moon indicates a period of immense growth has taken place. Takes this opportunity to thank the energy that is present and meditate on where to invest it in next.
  • The New Moon (when there is no moon visible in the sky) reflects a time of shedding, letting go and willingness to surrender the flow of nature. Reflect back on the events over the last 14 days and ask yourself what ‘editing’ is taking place through chance, circumstance or will. Dare to see the beauty in what might feel like frustrating, painful or burdensome transformations taking place and invite faith to take place of fear, worries and anxieties. The New Moon is asking us to release so we may recharge and make room for new growth, much of which we probably can’t see from where we are now. So be kind to yourself and allow the salts, oils and fragrances surrounding

Preparation/Tools: All you need is a tub or a pool of water to soak in. For an added sensory and energetic experience I recommend including oils, bath salts, crystals, dried flowers and candles into your Moon Bath routine (see recommended products below).

How to:

Like the Goddess Soak, there is no “one way” to participate in a Moon Bath. If you’re drawn to, do a bit of research into how other cultures and civilizations engage in moon bath rituals… take what resonates and leave the rest. This is a personal and private experience, I encourage you to play and listen to what your body and intuition are telling you. Here are some guidelines to help get you started:

  • Set time aside for just you on one of the days surrounding the New or Full moon (their effects are often felt for 3-5 days before and after they reach their pinnacle). Listen to your body, it will tell you when.
  • Remember that you are not here to “accomplish” or “do” anything. You are here to be a conscious being of light and love –allow your mind and body to rest, it will invite more room in for your spirit <3
  • Run the bath water and sprinkle in your favourite #BathSalts while chanting a mantra or affirmation you feel drawn to.
  • Light a candle, some incense or smudge if you’d like to invoke grounding and protection.
  • Include crystal, sigils, herbs and anything else that feels appropriate into your rituals.

Slide into your Moon Bath with an open mind and open heart. The very practice of taking time to honour your body and rest your mind are enough to illicit a lasting response in your energy fields. Stay for as long or as little as you desire and are able to. Finish your ritual with a closing affirmation and thank your body for honouring your cycles.

Recommended Mantras:

“I am a being of love and light, I live in an abundant and supportive Universe..”

“I am a part of nature, and it is a part of me. I honour my body, my mind, my soul and my Universe by inviting in the power of {hope, love, forgiveness…} and surrendering to all things that are unfolding around me for my highest and greatest good”

(What mantra do you invoke during your Moon Baths? Leave a comment below!)


Recommended Products:

(Bath products will be available for online order soon!) In the meantime contact me directly to order a custom bath blend for pickup in the Ottawa area.

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