Sacral Chakra Meditation


This is a great meditation to help with opening your sacral chakra. [10 minutes]

Chakra meditation is all about focusing on a specific chakra, to help balance and align the energy that flows through them. By practicing chakra meditation, you can energetically release feeling stuck or stagnant emotions that create stress and the feeling of being out of alignment. The sacral chakra is located in the center of your lower abdomen just below your navel and is the centre of your life force energy. This chakra is where you birth your passion in the world, connecting to your vitality, pleasure, and desires. 

Alignment is when we feel in flow and it’s easier to manifest a life we love when you feel less stress and more balance.

Take 10 minutes in a quiet space, light a candle or diffuse your essential oils and bring your crystals to simply connect to your chakra system. You can choose to sit down, lie down or even go on a meditative walk as you listen to this chakra alignment recording.

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I hope you enjoy this recording as it was made with the loving intention to help connect you to your chakras and find that deeper connection to your bliss! This recording is infused with love and Reiki healing energy.