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Love and Praise

Your energy is fantastic. You make my heart smile and my soul dance. Thank you so much for your help & guidance!     

Powerful & Truthful!

The moment I met Christine she identified that I wasn’t a ‘hugger’ but my inner spirit likes hugging, the irony here this has been a thing my entire life.  So, that immediate connection reassured me immediately that I need to be here in the moment and let her speak.  She shared, connected, guided, and more importantly allowed me to grow spiritually in the time we worked together.  Very much appreciated and recommend her to those looking for more.  

Kind Heart & Powerful Healer!

I have had the opportunity to have Christine as a facilitator for the amazing modality that is Access Consciousness. I took Access energetic facelift and Access bars in the fall of 2019 and I found her classes to flow with ease and joy, and meeting her was like meeting with a old friend i hadn’t seen in a while. There is a quality about Christine, about what she does that is unmistakably caring and kind, and I am looking forward to have her as a facilitator for the foundation class this Summer.